Frequently Asked Questions

How portable is this portable projector?

Able to fit in your pocket, this MP50 projector is simple to use and ready to go in seconds. Simply connect your device to the projector through the included HDMI cable and enjoy your content on the go. You can get approximately two hours of portable use from the projector thanks to the 3800mah battery. This will let you present virtually anywhere with this projector. Touch buttons for volume control are located at the top of the projector, so you can contol the two built-in 1W speakers or plug external speakers into the audio jack for an immersive cinema experience.

What is the picture like?

The MP50 throws out a WVGA (854×480 pixel) image resolution at a native aspect ratio of 16:9, so you’ll be sure to get a good widescreen picture. A contrast ratio of 1000:1 gives you a good variety of shades for a vibrant overall image. Emitting high lumens of lights at all times, even when running only off the battery, means you can get the same vibrant picture as when you are running off mains power.

How large can i get the screen to be?

Driven by DLP technology, the LED lamp projects a 60-inch screen from 2.2m away. This yields a big screen for you to use without the cost of having to station the projector far away. The projector operates off an LED lamp with an approximate life of over 20000 hours, so you won’t need to replace it for a long time or maintain it as often as more traditional lamps.

What devices can i connect to the projector?

Laptops, media players and tablets can all connect to this projector and have their content mirrored on the projected screen through a HDMI connection . An HDMI cable with micro HDMI and mini HDMI adpters are included to ensure that a variety of devices can be connected. The inclusion of a micro USB to HDMI cable, with 5-pin to 11-pin Micro USB adapter , lets you also connect your smartphone to the projector with MHL supported. What’s more, a USB port at the back of the MP50 allows you to charge USB devices- with the port providing 5V at 0.5A.