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  DIGIATO virtual laser keyboard is a type of Bluetooth

hologram keyboards

and a input devices that projects a virtual keyboard onto the surface using a red laser diode, when the user touches the surface covered by an image of a key the device calculates the changes in the position of light emitted from diode and use these calculations to predict which key is pressed, just connect the virtual laser keyboard with Bluetooth devices and same text is typed into connected device. The virtual laser keyboard supports all latest smartphone, tablets, and mini-PC devices with Android, and with a recognition rate of over 350 characters per minute, laser keyboard can serve even bloggers and content writers who need to type very fast. Most Laser keyboard device mainly uses three modules that are projector, sensor and illumination module to calculate what you are typing. Wireless is the future of mankind, twin wireless earphones, wireless chargers and

wireless power banks

are making life easier for humans.

The first virtual laser keyboard was invented by IBM in 1992 and since then the technology has come a long way to make them comparable with a physical keyboard.  The projected keyboard size is 295 mm x 95 mm and it is projected at a distance of 60 mm from the main device. The device also has a haptic feedback engine to make a sound like keyboard strokes and make the user feel like they are using a regular physical keyboard. The sensor chips are used to determine where the light coming from the red diode is distracted by user’s fingers and then the reflected light passes through a CMOS sensor to locate the exact position of the key strokes. Compact and slim in size the device can be carried very easily in the pocket and can be used as an input device for giving a presentation along with a projector when there is no other input device around you or use it with your smartphones to write an article make presentations with the comfort of a full-size QWERTY keyboard.