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Circular, Square or rectangular of whatever shape they may be Wireless Chargers are becoming a utility which you sure cannot miss on because of the convenience they provide, yes we know they have to be plugged into a power source but in the near future it won’t be a problem as the they are evolving at a very rapid pace and recent prototypes have shown some promise of complete wireless charging. Use wireless chargers along with a

wireless earphone

to have a completely wireless experience. Not all smartphone natively support wireless charging and there are a variety of standards to choose from with the majority of them using Qi or Rezence standard for wireless chargers. Basically, every wireless charger out there uses a magnetic induction coil to induce the current in the secondary coil or you can say the coil that is attached to your smartphone battery. This principle was long known that changing an electromagnetic field in one coil inducted current in the nearby coil but only recent research has made it a viable and effective method with conversion ratio now as high as 72% it will surely have the potential to completely displace wired chargers that are the rightly called the necessary evil. The Qi standard is the most widely wireless charging used standard having backing from big players like Apple and Samsung in its kitty. Synerzies wireless chargers support both devices with built-in wireless chargers and devices with wireless charging receivers. So waste no, time go wireless with synerzies wireless chargers and

wireless powerbanks

. As a promotional offer synerzies is giving free wireless charging receiver as inbox content along with all wireless charger.