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Wireless Power banks

Smartphones getting larger and quicker with each passing year, bigger screens drain more battery but the battery life of smartphones is not improving at the pace to match the requirement for more battery life. We require a

wireless power bank

or portable battery packs to meet these requirements and make smartphones last for a full day on moderate to heavy usage. synerzies universal wireless power banks are beautifully designed portable battery packs with high capacity to wirelessly charges for house hold use, outdoor travels, office and where ever u like. synerzies provide you with a platform to buy USB power bank online. Wireless power banks, let you indulge yourself in

wireless charging

at any time and place and provides perfect charging service to your mobile phone, iPad, digital camera and any other electronic products. Wireless power banks can charge any mobile phone with Qi standards or any other device without Qi standard wireless charging using in package receiver. The synerzies universal wireless power banks are the best

USB power bank

online and employ world-class chips for device protection when your device is fully charged, the wireless charger will stop working to avoid the damage to the battery, and it also improves charging conversion rates and stabilizes discharging voltage. Use of advanced resistance-capacitance sensors makes universal wireless power banks more durable and optimizes charging efficiency. Wireless Charging provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge your devices and make charging hustle free. The Chargers feels exceptional in hand, the case is made up of premium quality materials that have a high structural strength to withstand collisions and impacts, along with an ergonomic design which provides a more secure hand grip. The smooth surface is resistant to sweat and daily wear tear.