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Refresh and nourish your Skin with REFRESHA

handy face spray

, it uses Nanotechnology to help split water molecules into tiny mist particles that pass through your skin to clean your face and skin from within and help you to maintain your facial glow for the whole day. Use of Nanotechnology ensures that no chemical change take place. It is the best handy face spray that you can buy to remove dirt, oil and any other harmful substance and chemicals from your skin that are present in makeup. The mist from the handy face spray massages your skin deeply and leaves a long-lasting soothing effect. Simply slide the casing to have an uninterrupted supply of mist which lasts up-to 50 seconds. Use the face spray on your makeup to refresh your make up by providing the necessary humidity and thus preventing makeup cracks. It's inbuilt water tank that also acts like a refilling unit, the product has a capacity that is rated at 20 ml and can be used for 13 times before it lasts. You can also add a little rose water or some blend makeup in the refill tank of the handy face spray in the ratio of 90:10 (water: rose water) to make it much more effective in preventing your skin by hydrating and moisturizing. It can also save you from heat strokes on a hot summer day by rehydrating your skin and thus making it a very effective product that you must have. The face spray is the best solution to dullness and uneven skin texture and increases the firmness and elasticity of your skin thus making having a rejuvenation effect on your skin and makes you look much younger than your age. You can also use the use handy face spray on face burns or razor cuts relieve yourself and apart from its obvious use, the product it can also be used on your hairs to lubricate and moisturize hair strands and making them stronger and preventing hair fall. Last but not the least; as it does not the change the PH of the water and just simply atomizes the water molecules to form mist, it is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive ones. Buy exclusively at synerzies along with other exciting electronic products like