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Clean your floors with Pica Mop

Mopping is an important part of

floor cleaning

- unfortunately floor mopping hasn’t seen much progress over the years. The idea of a domestic mopping device that has cleaning effects of a commercial scrubber came into being in 2008. After years of hard work and technological partnership with world leaders in consumer electronics,

Pica Mop

a wireless floor cleaning was successfully launched in 2014, since then we have come a long way to redesign and improve Pica Mop to near the perfection Pica Mop seventh version was released in early 2017 with model name T7.To achieve perfection we have to perform thousands of tests to determine the optimum pressure, the speed of scrubbing and density of mopping material for the best cleaning result. These tests were performed on various types of hard floors with clean water, floor cleaning detergent and waxing oil. Users love Pica Mop for its convenience, ease of use and reliability. The swivel handle is specially designed to give users frontal and side lifting, this allows you to reach under beds or tables where traditional mopping machines can’t reach. Use its large water tank with a capacity of 330ml and fill it with water, liquid detergent or any other waxing liquid of your choice. The ultra-fine microfibers of the Mop are less than 10 microns in diameter to ensure gentle removal of dirt from the surface of the floor. The use of powerful twin rotors, ensure Clean and shiny floor. So don’t wait buy one at synerzies the best electronic online marketplace in India along with other exciting products like

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