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Pico Portable Projector- The New Way of Media Entertainment Contemplating for a portable projector but can’t find one which is both compact as well as provide a great picture quality then you are at the right place. Projectors provide best Movie and TV experience that you can have within the comfort of your living room. To buy a good portable projector that you can carry in your pocket that can do all these is very difficult. A good projector is a must have for those party animals that do parties very frequently as no home theatre system is complete without a good projector. A projector system provides the comfort of a large screen TV at a much affordable price. They become extremely affordable when you compare them with a 42 inch plus HD TV and then come their biggest advantage portability. You can’t carry a big TV in your pocket; maybe you can in sci-fi movies but not in real life, in reality, you need a good portable project that has a great video output at high resolution to do so but most pocket projects out there in the market lack these abilities. We sell true all in one portable projector. Use the portable projector in board room for giving presentations and your power point presentations will look as stunning as they look on your laptop display, take it with you on your camping trips to watch movies and play games in the car and in your tent to view the panoramic content captured by your

720 Panoramic Camera

or from PIXILIA Panoramic Camera , you live in a one room apartment and have no space to fit a large HD TV then you can use a portable projector to project movies and TV on roof of your room and that not over here there are endless possibilities to explore from. With the marked brightness of 150 LUMENS Lx@ 1M and contrast ratio (FIFO) – 3000:01:00 is the brightest projector in the segment and also provide the best contrast. With the wide range of connectivity options that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI output the projector can be connected to all Android/IOS/Windows devices available in the market.