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Enter the World of Virtual Reality with VR Headgear

Immerse in a virtual world & create a virtual universe of your own with

VR headgear/headset

. With VR headgear you feel like you are in different world. The increasing computer power of mobile chipsets and the advanced algorithms that these chips employ helps to make more and more sophisticated virtual environments that make you feel like to belong to that world. Humans are playing games from the 80s onwards that sort of create a virtual world but that with many limitations like computer screens which that never allowed you get lost in the world behind the screen due to their physical characteristics. VR Headsets let you immerse in the virtual world, the combined effect of 3d glasses (spherical lenses), Great 3d surround sound effects and beautiful 5.5 inches FULL HD display is mesmerizing and leaves you in awe. The VR headgear has a wide range of sensors that includes Gravity sensor, Gyroscope (9axis) and Proximity sensors to help the user interact with the virtual environment in a way which is very similar to how we interact with the real world. When it comes to gaming and you are into shooters games, connect the VR headgear with your pc to play some of the RPGs, sci-fi shooters and zombie shooter games available in the market like Robo Recall, Far Point, Drop Dead or Arizona Sunshine the best zombie shooter and kill them all with your hands or your gun not with keyword and mouse. For movie lovers when you wear the VR Headgear it feels like you’re in a cinema watching a 3d movie on a 90-inch screen or view the VR content captured by

720 Panoramic Camera

or PIXILAR Panoramic Camera. If you’re a science student and you find chemistry very difficult, use the VR Headgear to watch chemicals react in real, atoms changing electrons and molecules forming and what not. Spend time with your friends in virtual reality and feel like you all are at the same place while you can be thousands of miles apart. There are endless possibilities to explore through virtual reality and you can explore them using the VR headgear.