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Late for your office and not being able to find your car keys can cause wastage of crucial morning time, besides the obvious losses that you encounter for coming late this situation is also believed to be a big reason for accidents. Key finders are simple devices that look just like regular key chains but can also work as

lost object finder

. They have a built-in Bluetooth module that lets you pair them with your Android or IOS device and then just open the maps to find keys. For selfie lovers, Key finders also double as a button to click images. This can help you to click great pictures and reduce blur in the images. Use key finder to not only find keys or track keys but to track any precious thing. The GPS chip embedded in the key finders can help track keys in a situation you lost them somewhere outside your home and in situations where the object is beyond the reach of a Bluetooth connection. The dual pair functionality of the key finders let you find keys and your smartphone in case you misplace any one of them. Key finders have an anti-lost alarm that makes a loud sound to makes you realize that either your keys or your phone is away from you or away from the set distance and the distance can be set up to a maximum of 10 mm and all this is done seamlessly through the Bluetooth connection. Thus they are the best companions for your daily commute and will surely be very useful. Buy exclusively at synerzies along with other exciting electronic products like

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